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Welcome to BobbinSewDesigns!

Our big news for 2017 is that we now have an APQS Millie longarm quilting machine and IntelliQuilter, a computer guided quilting system for our long arm machine to perfectly stitch custom pantograph patterns! 

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We are a long arm quilting and sewing business based in Pensacola Florida where the sun always shines and the beaches are inviting!  We add new beautifully handcrafted products periodically and have recently started our online business.

We offer quilting services and hand crafted products. Our quilting services include longarm quilting, traditional quilts as well as our new t-shirt quilt products to convert your prized t-shirts that are folded away or hanging in your closet into an elegant gallery of passion on display. Perfect for collegiate themes, college football, baseball, vacations, running, triathlon or any other sports…a t-shirt quilts is limited only by your imagination. We can customize your quilt to your wishes. We do longarm quilting services on your tops! Now your t-shirt quilt will be longarm quilted with BobbinSewDesigns! We also offer other quilting services for any other quilting you needs you may have 🙂

We pride ourselves on giving our customers personalized products and great customer service!

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